Escalade Climbing Gym


More Photos

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do much for my own stuff lately, but last night me and a few friends went and sent some sick routes at Escalade Climbing Gym. For those who don’t know me, outdoor sports are my passion next to photography. I’ve been playing outside for years and Escalade was one of those old stomping grounds for me. I actually used to work at Escalade a few years ago when I was in high school and the good news is its still awesome. It was nice to just climb and shoot for the shear joy of it. Weather any photos came out or any routes got finished; it didn’t matter. We were just having fun. Heres a tip that sound crazy simple but people get lost in: if you don’t take the time to do something you love even if its your job, your going hate it. So get up from behind that desk where ever it may be and go have some fun. Even if you sacrifice a few bucks on the paycheck. Its just a piece of paper anyway…


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