Welcome to the SEASON

When does the Season start for you? Is it when the first snow dumps a new layer of fresh powder, when the trails dry up just enough to go tooth&nail with your bike, or when you chase the weather around the world to surf the best wave imaginable. When does the season start for you?

From the creators of The Dirtbag Diaries and 49 Megawatts comes a new web television project following five athletes through the course of a single season in the Pacific Northwest. A veteran climber invents a new piece of gear.  A pro snowboarder searches for a way to return to the roots of his sport.  A boulderer returns from a series of injuries with new perspective.  A family man goes to Whistler to test himself against mountain biking’s elite. A young sea kayaker with a troubled past sets out to reinvent his sport.

This 22-episode series was entirely shot in HD and can be watched for FREE. Bryan Smith and Fitz Cahall did an amazing job producing this. One or two episodes are released each week and they premiere first at Arc’teryx. I promise you want to watch all of these. You can go to the Season’s Blog to check all latest updates. So check the SEASON.


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