Internship with Andrew Kornylak

Andrew Kornylak
So I finally started my internship for school this past week with Andrew Kornylak. Andrew is a photographer based here in Atlanta down by “Little Five Points”. We’ve been working on getting some stock photography out the door to send to Aurora Photos. If you don’t remember it, I did an interview with Corey Rich a while back (Link to Interview). Corey is one of the founders of Aurora and Andrew has been working with them for awhile. It requires a lot more paperwork than I expected, but its really cool to be working with them. Andrew, me, and his assistant Sharif are up in North Georgia doing a wedding this weekend and then heading up to Chattanooga to shoot another Rock/Creek Trail race video. Its been freakin’ awesome hanging out with these guys, and and I’m learning a ridiculous amount of info. I hope to be able to put a video together here soon but it may take some time. Go check out Andrew and Sharifs’ stuff: /// ///Andrew on Vimeo

///Sharif Hassan///

Sharif Hassan



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