The Rat Ripper

So I’m pretty stoked right now, I just received the first couple of copies of the November issue of S3 Magazine. The first time getting published no matter how grand a scale; is FREAKING AWESOME. just thought you should know. A while back me and my friend Jonathan McWhorter went and took photos of this guy named Chad Copeland. He’s the proud owner of a 1973 Datsun. Johnny was the man to set up everything, so Mad-Props to him. We had tried getting into a couple of local airports to shoot the Bomber style look of the car to perfection, but failed multiple times. Somehow Johnny got us in at the Clayton County airport over by Atlanta Motor Speedway. We were given permission by the guys over at the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation to use their birds for backgrounds to Chad’s Datsun. (I can’t thank those guys enough) We ended up with some killer shots and I scored the cover shot for S3. Go pick up a copy at S3 Mag or you can buy an online version HERE.


One response

  1. very freakin cool. Congrats Brett!

    November 13, 2010 at 6:21 AM

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