Try Try Again…


This is a photo of my friend Gerald Faison. I tip my hat to this man for his endurance in everything he does. He was one of my class mates at Gwinnett Tech and we struggled our way through the program there with the rest of the group. The photo program there is outstanding and I would highly advise anyone interested in photography to search them out. Like many things though, it was not easy and our professors demanded a lot. (Although they would laugh at me now for saying that). We really had to dedicate ourselves in hopes of one day graduating, but we loved it. I remember we had critics to pick out which photos would make it into our portfolios… I say “it” like it was ten years ago, and its only been a few months since I’ve been out. I remember one critic in particular though, that for some reason baffled me. It was when I submitted this image:


When I handed it in and the class went over all the photos to be critiqued, it wasn’t received in the way I had hoped. My professors said it was good, but it lacked life. I personally loved the image and thought it was great. Thus said, I was left there scratching my head in bewilderment. Several months later Gerald and I were playing around with some new equipment the school had just received, and I took the photo at the beginning of the post. The two photos are very similar in style, they are of the same person, and they tell very similar stories. If you were to describe both photos with one word you might use an adjective such as: “Calm”. The first photo does have something that the second does not. LIFE. And the post production has very little to do with it. The reason the first photo seems to “pop” more is because of the quality of light. And for anybody who cares: I shot it with a Photogenic Beautydish at 1/160s @ f7.1 and 100 ISO. But the kicker was being able to see that moment. We were just goofing off and I only used one light. If I had dragged the shutter any more you would have seen the mess of boxes that we had unpack. It would have been a completely different image. Photography is really about problem solving. When confronted with a task or obstacle, you get better at responding to it every time. You grow a little with every problem you come across. So did I fail with my first attempt at this photo? I choose to think I was just doing research. So continue to explore the things your working on and listen to the people around you. Maybe there is something that your missing that might bring whatever it is into new light.

Check out more of Gerald’s work HERE.


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