The Flash Bus is Coming!!!

Alright! So David Hobby and Joe McNally are doing a teaching road trip like none other. You have the Techno Guru (David) and the GodFather of SpeedLights (Joe) teaching lighting in 29 different cities. If your just tuning in to the world of photo, Joe McNally is the man when it comes to off-camera speedlight technology. The man has been taking photos longer than I’ve been alive. David Hobby is a professional photographer that went Blogger. He runs the Strobist blog. Basically, all the people that have been asking me questions about lighting; I send them directly to his sight. Both of the men are amazing photographers and educators. For everybody in Atlanta, mark April 2 on your calendars because you now have plans. Beautiful thing is that the seminars are $100. Put away 25 bucks a week in your piggy banks and your in. There suppose to be some cool goodies too. Registration opens Mon. January 31st.

Go to the site at:

You can check out Joe McNally at:

and David Hobby at the:


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