I’ve been toying around with this idea of doing a shoot with some guy and shaving half his head. My friend Jesse Beauchamp was kind enough, and crazy enough to do it for me. I honestly have no idea why I thought of this besides it being hilarious. So Jesse grew his hair out for a few weeks and then we went to town with the clippers and goofed off. His son Asher decided he wanted in on the fun and I think it ended up being one of the best images. It was a really easy photograph to setup. I used two umbrellas to light the paper background and to block the light from the front of Jesse. I used a 90cm x 120cm Creativelight softbox as the key light, and a reflector to give some edge separation on the face. Then Asher did his best to make sure he was in the photos. Bottom line, we had fun making these images and his wife didn’t kill me for having Jesse shave his head.

Jesse B_(Half.n.Half)




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