What is Evernote?

EverNote is only one of the greatest tools ever. Of coarse with the introduction of the iPhone a few years back and the world of Apps we now live in, it opened a huge can of worms in the Techno World. Theres an App for Banking. Theres an App for Sports Stats. Theres an App for just about everything. As a photographer and studio manager, my To-Do Lists can get a little out of control. Thus… EVERNOTE. That little green square with the elephant is almost always running on my phone. Its not just a task manager, its a problem solver for me. Ever idea, quote, photo, message I need finds it way into my Evernote. I put all my shoot ideas, Scripts lists, and everything I could possibly need for a job together and I can Email/Share whatever I need to with clients. Its one of the most efficient ways I’ve found of getting the job done. Best part is it’s FREE. Download it!


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