My Story: Mayor Tommy Allegood

Stories are in a lot of ways one of the few things in life we truly possess. Your job, your house, your car: these are all things that can be taken away from you. It is by the grace of God we live the lives we have, but those memories and those stories will always be with you. I’m sure if I asked you what your favorite moment in life was; you would struggle to pinpoint exactly what it was. Some people have the privilege of knowing exactly when, but for most of us it’s not just one moment. It’s a series of events that make us smile and remind us of the “Good Ole Days”. It doesn’t matter if your eight years old or if your eighty; we all have memories and stories that shaped our lives and made us who we are today. Good and Bad.

I’m willing to bet, in all of the stories you have worth telling, you weren’t alone. Stories are only worth something if shared, and the people in them are what really make them worth telling. So for the second episode of “My Story” it was a privilege to photograph and interview someone I didn’t know. Mayor Tommy Allegood…

I live in Acworth, Georgia if you haven’t figured it out, and it sounds pretty stupid not to know your own Mayor. But that’s not what I’m talking about… I’ve met the Mayor a handful of times, shook his hand and had a nice conversation. But for most people Tommy Allegood is just the Mayor of Acworth and that’s it. The average person most likely wouldn’t have the honor of enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with him and his family. For the people of Acworth, Georgia Mayor Allegood plays a part in our lives and most of us don’t even know him. That’s the way it is for most cities around world. We see our governmental leaders but we don’t know them. For that matter we don’t even know our next door neighbors half the time.


The goal of this project is to hopefully see a more of a personal side to people and not just the face. Humanity in all of its’ glorious faults tends to be closed-off. We only let a small group of people see who we really are; when in reality we’re all the same. A bunch of messed up people doing their best to make an impact with their lives. We end up playing the GAME.

So here is A-NOT-SO Revolutionary idea: when you are sitting at the coffee shop with your headphones in and your nose jammed into your computer like everyone else: Stop and smell the roses. Smile at the person next you. You know, the one who is just as engrossed in their iDevice du jour as you are in yours. You never know, you might end up with a new best friend…Cheers!


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  1. I enjoy knowing Mayor Allegood.

    December 18, 2016 at 4:05 PM

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