Why is photography so expensive?

Steps to great photo
I hear the same question from a lot of people. “Why is photography so expensive?” (Most of these people are not even talking about my work either.) Here is one way of looking at it; if you go the the mechanic to get your car fixed because it not working, you already know you’ll have to pay for something. The mechanic takes ten minutes and comes back and says it’s “fixed”. You jump up and down for joy until you see the bill. $200 for ten minutes, “you’ve got to be joking right?” The mechanic turns to you and says: “It’s $25 for the replacement part, $5 for labor, and $170 for knowing where to look.” Your jaw hits the floor and this poor mechanic has ruined your day for highway robbery. Take a second to think about it though; This mechanic, more than likely has some form of college degree in automotive engineering and you probably don’t. If you could do it yourself, you most likely would in order  to save some money. Right?

The same principles adhere to photography. You go to a professional photographer for their Knowledge, Expertise and the Time invested in a given project. Anybody can shoot a photo these days with the latest-and-greatest camera, and its cheaper than going to a professional most of the time. There is something to be said for going to a professional photographer. Professional imagery truly stands out when done by someone who knows what they are doing. If you have the Know-How to shoot it yourself: Do it. Don’t waste your money, but use professionals to do the job right when needed. I’m not trying to undermine Professional Photographers in any way. I’m one of them. Photographers have to eat too. All I am saying is, when you do choose to use the services of “ANY” professional; expect to pay them what they are due. Everyone works hard at becoming the best they can be at something, and everyone would like to be respected accordingly.

On a different note: Buy only what you can afford. This goes for anything. Debt is the evil monkey lurking in the shadows to devour you soul. 😉 Professional work isn’t cheap. Hobbyist photographers charge less, but you also run the risk of poor/average quality images. This is not always the case, but typically “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR”. I’m not ragging on anyone that falls under this category. (You should be happy, I’m trying to send people to you with their money)

Professional Photography is truly an art that takes a great amount of time and sacrifice to prefect. When you want it done right, don’t skimp on professional work. If you do, I can almost guarantee that you’ll won’t be satisfied with the end results. Hopefully I answered this age old question.

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