How to be a “Creative” and Make Money… BS!

Alright, if you read the title you can already assume I’m blowing smoke, but I’m not. I’m a Freelance photographer and I want to get paid just like everyone else. If you depend on your creative abilities to pay the bills (Like Me), or you just want to make a little extra on the side: I have the best advice for you I’ve ever heard…


It’s as simple as it sounds. Get off the couch and do something about it. (At this very moment my parents are laughing at me because they have been telling the same thing for YEARS) Maybe my parents aren’t to far off, but like a good son I thought I knew everything and didn’t pay attention. Maybe it’s just a part of growing up, whatever…

There are thousands of people out there telling you what you should be doing to make “More” money.

“You shouldn’t buy that three dollar cup of coffee…”

“You need to send out a hundred Resume’s a day…”

“Beeee Thrifty…”

BULL S#%*! Being thrifty is a good practice but there is a line that doesn’t need to be crossed. Who cares if you can buy 10 candy bars and get 10% off; I only want one candy bar. Like a lot of the people who read this blog, I’m fresh out of college, and I’m trying to make my own way in the world. What I have found is that most of my college education didn’t do a thing to teach “HOW” I’m supposed to do that. I really do value my education, but people go into thousands of dollars into debt, only to graduate and find out no one wants to hire them. Be all you can be… Live the American dream… Where is the handbook on how to go about doing that? Its like raising kids: Theres not a manual. Doesn’t seem right does it?

Then there are all these people trying to jam Self-Help books and Services down my throat to “Help ME” grow my business. My first reaction is: Screw em’. Funny thing is, as I’m writing this post I had a guy from Texas call me and he tried to sell a service to optimize my search engine hits through Facebook. I didn’t hang up on him though, I actually learned something about Facebook and how it works. I of course told him “NO THANK YOU” but I found it ironic I was writing this post when I got this call. He was just doing his job, but I don’t need to pay somebody to do something I CAN DO MYSELF!!! Companies are making millions off people’s laziness.

So you are a “Creative” and you want to make a living doing what you love, or You are the average human being who has a 9-to-5 job but you want to be making more. Sounds reasonable right? Heres my suggestion: Do the work that will get you paid! I don’t mean go and find a higher paying job, but that’s definitely an option. I mean go do the research on “HOW” to make a living at what you love.

Alright, heres is where I tell you to pick up a book and READ it! (Stay with me here!) You don’t get to have the excuse “I hate reading”, because I hate reading too, but if you don’t pick up a book or do the work needed to get paid: you are being LAZY. We are all guilty of this (Including Me). If you are between the ages of 20-to-35 you need to read I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. If you are between the ages of 35-to-Nearly Dead you need to read I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi, but you are already behind the curve. Yes I realize the title is arrogant, but I’m willing to bet you aren’t a millionaire if you’ve made it this far in this post. I usually don’t endorse stuff like this but I truly believe this is a book everyone should read.

As a 21-year-old, with absolutely no idea what in the world he is doing, I can say this book is about the best advice I’ve heard on “HOW” to do “It” during & after you get out of college! Ramit explains everything from credit cards -to- individual investing -to- personal savings. I wish I could convince some of my friends to read this, because I know 10years down the road they are going to be wishing they had.

Check out: I Will Teach You To Be for Ramit’s book and some amazing >>>”FREE”<<< Resources! Don’t be an idiot, those recourses are FREE!. If you want to make more money (Like everyone else) do something that a lot of people DON”T DO: Pick up a book and READ IT!

Ramit also has a program he releasing this year called How To Find Your Dream Job and most of the resources are FREE.

“A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”

-Mark Twain


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