Polaroid ThrowBacks

My Aunt found an old Polaroid 250 Land Camera in some lady’s attic. There is no telling how long it had been stored there, but when I opened the box I nearly melted. I have a slight obsession for old cameras (especially Polaroid). What I found inside was a nearly perfect camera set. It had everything in the box, ranging from a Roto-Dial self timer to a Flash unit with “flash bulbs“. I say Nearly, because the last person to use the camera left the batteries in the camera forty years ago. If you haven’t encountered the destructive powers of old batteries, the entire camera was covered in corrosion. I had to order special batteries, re-wire most of the camera, and give the old girl a little elbow grease, but she lives again.

I found some old 966 color polaroid film stashed away the deepest reaches of the camera box, and decided it would have been a crime not to see if the film was even remotely usable. Unfortunately, all the chemicals were dry as a bone. So, I ordered the next best thing: Fuji FP-100c Professional. Polaroid Film is no longer in production anymore if you didn’t know, and FujiFilm is now one of the few companies still making film that imitates it.

Heres some the results for this forty year camera:





See more of the Polaroids on Flickr.


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