Life Is Short…

Life is short…Drink good Beer (Wine, Bourbon, or Vodka). Choose your poison. And No, this is not really a post about alcohol.

The Photo above, is of a cold frosty refreshing glass of New Belgium pure unadulterated goodness.   (I like beer) This post, is about how simple it was to create this image. It took me about five minutes to setup the shot and then about ten minutes in post-production. Not everything has to be complicated.

I basically took a frosty cold beer and put in a frosty cold beer mug. Because I was in my garage, so it was fairly warm and would not give me much time to pull off the the shot. There are synthetic ways of getting a frosted look, but I believe “Real” looks more “Real”. I then took a few photographs of the label and threw it onto the computer. The only really editing I did was a little Dodging and Burning in PhotoShop. The moral of the story is, “Work Smarter, Not Harder!”

Check out New Belgium Brewing and their amazing list of beers [Follow your Folly, Ours is Beer!]. New Belgium also sponsors one of my favorite PodCasts by Fitz Cahall called The DirtBag Diaries. Check it!


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